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Functional testing

Verify compliance with the functional specifications provided by the customer or the analyst for a given application.

Functional analysis

This service focuses especially on the end user and how it interacts with the computer tools to develop or improve.

The result of this service is the necessary documentation to carry out the design of the architecture and development solution, in addition to providing advisory services and training, generating the necessary human resources to create a point of contact between the development team and the end user.

One of the main objectives of the service is to analyze the viability, both technical and economic, of future developments and changes.

Automatic tests

All of our systems undergo testing on an ongoing basis (using our automation equipment) in an environment that is a faithful copy of the production environment of the customer, by detecting early incidents caused in the implementation of changes or new developments.

The implementation of automatic testing, in addition to saving time and money, avoids a possible loss of image.

Performance testing

Avoid unexpected problems of applications in production environments, generated by the growing technological complexity of the systems used and the growing number of users.

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